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The project Evion had brought to Twitter the possibility of real time matching of tweets with relevant respondents, aiming to create real time feeds of high relevancy Twitter updates personalized using users' individual interests. Evion used machine learning and crowd filtering algorithms to find in real time the new information on Twitter that could be interesting for its users, and relied on Twitter's @mentions for delivery. Evion launched on Twitter during the second half of 2011 and gained over 6500 organic followers in less than six month of operations. Due to certain technical problems with Twitter team, however, the service stopped operating in January 2012. Below are the links to Evion's nodes, as currently remaining on Twitter.

Evion Twitter Accounts:

@evwo1 @evwo2 @evwo3 @evwo4 @evwo5 @evwo6 @evwo7 @evwo8
@evwo9 @evwo10 @evwo11 @evwo12 @evwo13 @evwo14 @evwo15 @evwo16
@evwo17 @evwo18 @evwo19 @evwo20 @evwo21

Evion had been developed in 2010-2011 by Yuriy Mishchenko, at the time a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Statistics at Columbia University, and Ushananthan Ganeshananthan, at the time an MBA student at Columbia Business School.

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